simplicial: Simplicial topology in Python

simplicial is a Python package for manipulating simplicial complexes.

Simplicial complexes are generalisations of the triangulation of a plane. A complex is built from simplices (singular: simplex), and can be used for a number of purposes: as discrete approximations of continuous spaces or manifolds, or as abstract descriptions of information relationships that can then be explored and anlysed using techniques from algebraic topology.

simplicial provides a class SimplicialComplex to represents complexes and provide some topological operations. It also provides some “standard” complexes, typically representatives of a particularly structured class of spaces, that can be used as building blocks for larger complexes. It also provides a function to “embed” a complex into a space, which can be used for spatial computing and for visualisation (although this still needs a lot more work).

Installation and dependencies

Drawing simplicial complexes

Saving and loading simplicial complexes